Why pay for mentoring?

Why pay for mentoring?

It is possible to obtain free mentoring from a number of sources.

I would always suggest that firstly you look around your own contacts for someone you respect and trust and ask if they can provide some mentoring.

You can try the “free” services but in my long experience, and having heard the experience of their mentees, there is a wide variability in ability, experience and expertise relevant to you and your idea. Some free programmes use support from the banks in the form of current and retired bank managers. They know the finance issues as seen from a bank’s perspective but have never run their own business and have little expertise in other aspects of running a business (market research, marketing, branding, strategy, the internet, social media, selling techniques or presentation skills). Similarly, other “advisers” tend to work to their own personal strengths. A marketing person will prioritise marketing issues, similarly a person with a financial background will concentrate on this area. There are few of us who have run their own businesses and have sufficient knowledge of the wider aspects of business to give you the necessary basic understanding that you will need to succeed.

I have spent my whole career developing or helping others to develop, new business ideas that have been commercially successful. It is what I do and I have had to gain sufficient understanding of all aspects of starting and developing business to enable me to do this.

For “The Proof of Concept” workshop programme, I delivered workshops on:

  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurial characteristics
  • Market research
  • Marketing
  • Branding*
  • Understanding finance
  • Funding your business
  • Intellectual property
  • Problem solving
  • Project planning & management
  • Strategic thinking & planning
  • Business planning
  • Using spreadsheets for business.
  • The use of the internet for business
  • Social media
  • Selling skills*
  • Presentation skills*
  • The legal issues of running a business*
  • Tax & VAT*

*with associates

In running the programme, I had to market and promote the programme to attract participants (design brochures, flyers and advertisements, manage websites & social media), manage the resources and do all of the finance including raising the funding for the programme (just under £1m over 9 years).

In working with me and paying for your very personalise and intensive support, we will have regular 1-2-1 sessions (face-to-face or via SKYPE) and you will be provided with a lot of support materials to help you implement your action plan.

I addition, mentees receive a regular flow of useful / interesting information emails to inform and stimulate.

To see how you can benefit from my experience, Please get in touch and arrange our first (free) informal meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you.