Innovation Coaching:

Innovation Coaching:

Innovation Coaching is coaching in the Innovation Process.


Innovation is the development and implementation of any idea that is new to the business and produces an improvement to the business’s performance (profitability)

The Innovation process is the approach to selecting and developing ideas most likely to be successful. This is a structured strategic business planning process (also called Due-Diligence or a Feasibility Study or Commercial Viability Assessment)

Innovation Culture: is the understanding and development of an Innovation Culture based on a Leadership Model where there is little need for “Managers”. You employ people capable of doing what is required to deliver the business’s strategy and the managers are facilitators to develop the staff and provide the resources and training to enable them to improve themselves and their business performance. This automatically improves every individual’s productivity and hence that of the whole business. Senior managers are customer facing and manage the customer’s expectations and develop the necessary strategies. Project managers (the old managers) act to communicate the customer’s needs to the staff concerned who do whatever is needed to deliver the customer’s requirements. This is in line with the latest ISO 9001 model and based on World-Class business success models.

This is a completely new way of working for almost everyone in the business and most businesses will need external help to work through this change model