Opportunity Mapping

Opportunity mapping is a facilitated workshop with your employees to identify, analyse and select opportunities for further development.

It is a process to generate ideas and determine if they are just ideas or a real opportunity.

  • we look at opportunities and question its demand, feasibility and attraction to customers.
  • What is the opportunity? Why? Who for? How can we realise it? Where? When? Scale?
  • Who are the customers, suppliers, partners? What are the expectations?
  • How does it create new real value?
  • How is it different?

We introduce divergent and convergent approaches to reflect and analyse, discard and seek new solutions.

We introduce you to the four stages of creative thinking

We show you how to recognise opportunities and how to turn needs into opportunities.

If we can define a problem, there is a potential opportunity.

We look at lateral thinking techniques.

We discuss the business implications of the opportunity

we consider the Benefits/ Impact verses the Difficulty/Costs

This leads to creating an opportunity map of the activities involved covering the Demand, Innovation, Feasibility and Attraction.


For a one-day workshop on your premises: £500 for up to 10 participants.

It is often advisable to hold the workshop off-site to avoid  interruptions.

it is expected that the client will organise suitable accommodation and refreshments. All additional cost will be met by the client.