Recommendations: from https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelhuxley/

   Mark Boardman IEng MCIBSE CMgr MCMI MInstRE

Managing Director at BEM Services    October 15, 2015,

Michael has been a great supporter and adviser during the early days of my business. Conscientious and reliable I have benefited from Michaels experience and holistic view of a small start-up business. I will be taking his advice on through the next few critical months as my business establishes it’s self in the construction market.


 Elaine Scaife

Presentation Skills Coach ~ Empowering others to improve their presentation skills, gain confidence, and make an impact    September 23, 2014,

I worked with Mike Huxley at The Hive in Mansfield for over 5 years, delivering “Presenting Your Business” workshops for the Headstart programme. I always enjoyed working with Mike. I loved the enthusiasm he has for his subject, his great depth of knowledge, and the support he gives to the individuals on the programmes as they start out on the rocky road to business. Mike always goes above and beyond the call of duty, and I would highly recommend him for whatever path he chooses next.


  Diane Carter

Marketing Consultant at Marathon Media  September 16, 2014,

Mike has been an amazing colleague over the last 7 years providing me with great business advice and support. He has attended many networking events I have organised helping many of the members with knowledge and expertise. Always a friendly, welcoming face at any meeting and everyone in the Mansfield area knows Mike and always is aware is he a great wise business man.


  Zoe Shelton

Illustrator   April 9, 2014,

Mike is one of those amazing people with a vast amount of knowledge, and is fantastic at sharing it! If you need any help whatsoever with starting up a business, then I cannot recommend him highly enough! This programme (The Hive) has boosted my confidence, helped me to understand how to run a business and given me practical and effective support. Mike is a very caring person, helping each of us on the course on a one to one basis, making sure that we all had absolutely everything we needed. Thanks so so much!


   Nancy Benn, Executive Virtual PA

Helping business owners & not-for-profit leaders achieve more through efficient support with non-income generating tasks    March 19, 2014, 

Mike is passionate about giving potential entrepreneurs the best possible chance to launch their business. Participants of the very intensive Mansfield Hive course have access to Mike and his extensive experience and valuable insights whilst his support continues beyond the graduation date. Committed 100% to his role, Mike is very approachable and offers assistance with great integrity, as he encourages but also challenges entrepreneurs to examine their business idea in great detail. With his straightforward approach, difficult questions are often asked, but he’s a definite champion of all his past, present and potential students.


   Patrick Kenny

Will Writer and Estate Planner     February 19, 2014, 

I attended Michael’s Business Builder week in Mansfield w/c Feb 17th 2014.
Michael was very conscientious in his preparation on our behalf to ensure we achieved the best results; lovely personable manner; great delivery based on immense personal real knowledge of what really happens I business in 2014 – not ” hairy fairy theory”.
I wish to highly recommend Michael and look forward to further short courses tied in to this week’s course within the next few weeks.




   Gerard Pontier

Director APAO Consultancy & Training    February 18, 2014,

Michael has acquired a wealth of experience that he readily shares with others. He makes you think through the issues in starting and improving your business. He is a great resourceful person to the East Midlands area who stimulates one to think strategically…


   Jain Holmes

PHD Student at The University of Nottingham    January 22, 2014,

Michael is one of those people you instantly admire in terms of the amount of practical and theoretical knowledge he shares. Michael accepted me onto the HIVE programme to help me progress my business plans and commercial awareness. It has been invaluable and I regularly go back to the resources from the course. I am pleased to have continued contact with Michael and benefit every week from the ongoing support he offers to me. Hugely recommended for business acumen and empathy.


   Erica Holden

Executive Virtual Assistant    January 15, 2014,

If you have a new business idea and want to see if it is viable or if you are already in business but want to learn more or add something new to it, then you need to speak to Mike, I can highly recommend him as a person and as the leader of the Hive project. The Hive is as a fantastic programme to help build a business plan and put your business idea in motion, in a very supportive environment.


   Kathrine Western

Procurement expert. Inspiring change and making it happen. Helping you get great value and performance from suppliers.     September 17, 2013,

Mike is an inspiring tutor who helped me to gain valuable insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. He helped me to see that business opportunities are all around us and that we just need the vision to make connections. He also provided me with lots of technical expertise on all aspects of running my own business. Mike is a very innovative thinker who openly shares his knowledge and is happy to facilitate meetings between people with common interests. I feel lucky to know him.


    Jane Travis

Owner at Little Wing Coaching     February 23, 2013, 

Mike was an inspiration to us all with his enthusiasm and support for all of us on the Hive course. The programme that he put together was very professional and thorough and the calibre of the guest speakers he arranged was second to none. And the fantastic thing about Mike is that the support doesn’t stop once you finish the course as he is always looking out to connect you with the right people long after you’ve left.


    Peter Hatter

Director at Peter Hatter Photography Ltd    February 19, 2013,

Mike runs a great course for prospective business owners in Nottinghamshire. Leading the programme he is focussed on ensuring every student gets as much out of the course as possible. Mike is passionate about delivering a course that forms the foundation for a successful business.


    Untapped Resource


Fantastic way forward for any one starting a new business venture.


   Sara Parr

Book-keeping/Credit Control/Payroll at Above Parr Business Services   August 20, 2012, 

During my first three years in business I never quite got around to enrolling on the Hive course and when I did a few people asked why on earth I was going on a start-up course! Their perception was that I would already know most of what was going to be said and it would be a waste of time and energy. But interestingly not one of the people that I know who have actually done it were included – they all said I should leap at the chance…

Mike Huxley is one of the most thoughtful, giving people I have had the pleasure of meeting. His knowledge is both broad and deep is shared freely and without a hint of patronising or contempt and it’s delivery is professional and enjoyable. The programme that Mike has put together includes some brilliant guest speakers and some truly outstanding mentors.

I knew it would be useful because I needed to regain some focus in order to push my business forward and I was fully expecting my attendance to do that. I also knew I would learn a lot and maybe even be able to help someone else avoid one of the many hurdles I have had to jump over the last four years.

I wasn’t prepared for the level of impact it has had though – the kick start it has given my business has been significant and immediate. It was without doubt time and effort well spent.

If you are lucky enough to be eligible for this course to be funded then you should definitely give it serious consideration and if you aren’t, you should consider moving house!

Fiona Coulson

Climate Change Project Officer at Climate East Midlands    June 20, 2012,

I worked closely with Michael on several past projects and can highly recommend him as being most knowledgeable and thorough in his work, yet always approachable and easy to work with.


   Andrew Forster

Owner – The Really Green Smart Garden Company    January 12, 2012,

I was on Cohort 15 on the Hive Start programme and met Mike a couple of months before the course began.
My initial impression was of a person who genuinely wanted to help create winners in business.
As the course started I was amazed and pleasantly surprised as to the depth and integrity Mike extended in guiding, shaping and educating both established businesses and fledgling entrepreneurial businesses alike. Most importantly understanding it is the people within these businesses that will make the difference and by bringing an awareness to these people and imparting on them “World Class Business Planning Techniques” he was able to instal in them the confidence to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and the new skill set to actually achieve businesses that win from day one.
I continue to be impressed by the range, experience and expertise Mike possesses and he always delivers this with a smile on his face and with great integrity.
I cannot recommend Mike highly enough, he would be a great asset to any business wanting to move forward and create a robust sustainable profitable future. One day I hope it is within a business I am a part of!
He’s a gentleman I am proud to have in my network!



   Jayne Birch-Jones

Interim Programme/Project Manager covering a broad portfolio; having a significant skillset & 30+ years NHS experience.    January 12, 2012,

I found Michael to be passionate about helping people to test out small business ideas. The information and advice that Michael provided was well presented and generic to a huge array of differing business areas. The variety of speakers, contacts and information resources that Michael has made accessible to me has been tremendously useful. I would strongly recommend anyone who has a business idea, no matter how big or small, to contact and work with Michael. I hope that the course and service provided by Michael continues indefinitely, particularly in the current financial market. Thankyou Michael for all the help and support you provided to me.


   Richard Smith

Owner at School Energy Efficiency   January 10, 2012,

Prior to Mike’s Hive course I believed I was self-sufficient and that the research needed to start my own business was just a matter of time and effort. However, Mike’s course brought home to me all the thought processes I needed to go through before I’d even have a Business Plan, let alone start the business, creating an intensive twelve weeks of study and reflection.

Not only was a wealth of information provided, but avenues of research were opened and real experiences shared, not only from Mike’s variety of examples, but also from the cohort group of diverse backgrounds. Local presenters were engaged in creative and challenging ways to impart their expertise, helping attendees understand what may be important to their business as well as the many business truisms that cross all borders.
By the end of the course I felt I had addressed many of issues that I needed to before starting my own business, resulting in me shifting my original emphasis to ensure my goals were achieved, giving me confidence in myself and the potential of my venture. It also set the standard of effort and research needed to maintain within your business thereafter. This wouldn’t have been possible without Mike and the team he formed around him and I heartily recommend his course if you are thinking of starting of a business or are in the early start-up phase of one.


  Katrina Starkie

Marketing Services Director at Purpose Media (UK) Ltd   January 9, 2012,

Michael is passionate about business and helping others succeed. With a huge amount of industry experience and contacts in a wide range of sectors he uses his skills to assist in the development of ideas and forward plans.
Michael is also very detailed in his approach to work, which enables him to spot potential risks that may have been overlooked, ideal when writing a business plan!
Michael has been instrumental in the development of our business and for that we will be eternally grateful, and I would never hesitate to recommend him.


   Chrissie Bedwin

Former Director at Aim High, coaching people in business   January 5, 2012,

Michael is a supportive colleague, happy to share his extensive knowledge and always willing to encourage new approaches. When working with clients he gives 100%. Positive in his approach, he is able to bring clients to understand whether or not their ideas are viable without them losing heart if they need to change direction. Michael has a first class brain and boundless curiosity; I would recommend him in any capacity which requires managing a constantly changing and challenging environment.


   Brian Stopford

Owner, Stopford Associates Limited    January 3, 2012,

Mike works with a passion at everything he does. He has many years experience of working with and assisting businesses. It has always been a pleasure working with him.


    Catherine Simpson – Social Media Trainer I Coach I Assessor

Effective & affordable social media coaching & training for individuals, small & medium sized businesses     December 29, 2011,

Mike Huxley changes lives. Truly. Ask anyone who has graduated from the Proof of Concept courses which Mike runs at The Hive, Mansfield.
Mike has boundless enthusiasm and energy, a huge thirst for finding and sharing knowledge and a friendly, open and non-judgemental attitude. He guides entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds through a well-structured 12 week course which equips them with the necessary tools to run their own business.
There is no doubt at all, that without this course, I would not be running my own marketing business today. The practical support, advice, guidance and motivation that Mike provided, together with a mentor (in my case Carol Hall), meant that by the end of the course, I was ready and able to launch my business with confidence.
Mike is one of those rare people who gives so much, yet asks little in return. He is one of the most dedicated and hardest-working people I have ever met and I feel privileged to know him and to have experienced his life-changing course.

   Ana Smith

Curriculum & Communications Officer, WNC   December 27, 2011,

I had the pleasure of being a part of the Business Development Fall 2011 cohort the Hive@Mansfield.
Michael provided a program rich with in-depth information and resources. He is a passionate advocate for start-ups done the right way. He ensured we were prepared. Though the course is information-heavy, due to timing, Michael continued to steer us through the information we needed. His course was essential in preparing me to launch my business. I ended the course completely confident in what I had prepared and what the next steps were.
Through the course, Michael was also immensely valuable in providing other resources and opportunities, and was able to help me make valuable connections. I am pleased to recommend Michael and his work.


    Paul Wragg

Proprietor: Skim & Trim – Garden and Grounds Maintenance    December 27, 2011,

Michael runs a business course that is a perfect all round introduction to both starting a business and continuing to run a business, particularly in these difficult economic times. The additional course material in the shape of handouts is proving invaluable as I review important lessons learned.
Michael has helped my business go from strength to strength almost doubling turnover and reducing costs. I have been able to win new customers, identify waste, and unnecessary spending. I am now actively researching expansion into commercial work and employing two gardeners.
I hope many more fledgling businesses will have the opportunity to benefit from Michael’s considerable experience and I have no hesitation in recommending Michael every opportunity I get.

    Michael Moult

Managing Director    December 22, 2011,

Michael is both inspirational and dedicated, His appetite for knowledge and his data base of contacts is impressive. He would be a worthy asset to any company or individual who hires him.




   Karen Wright

December 22, 2011,

I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto The Hive course in Mansfield. I will always be amazed by Mike’s wide ranging knowledge on business star- up matters.
He delivered The Hive course with great enthusiasm and was always there to help and support.

Samantha Hawrylak

receptionist at Partnerships in Care

December 22, 2011,

I found Michael to be extremely helpful and of high integrity. It was a pleasure to work with him.


   Ruth Dolby

Food NPD Expert available for interim & bespoke projects    December 22, 2011,

I recommend that you talk to Michael if you need any advice for your business; Michael is committed to deliver highly professional advice from an extremely wide knowledge base which is a benefit to any individual or organization who is fortunate enough to have him involved in either their business start-up and or expansion phases. His network and command of useful links and introductions are generously shared and compliment his lateral thinking. I am very glad I have worked with Michael as both a recipient of his expert advice and as a colleague.


   Carol Hall

Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor | Helping Technical Specialists Lead Their Teams  December 22, 2011,

I met Michael in 2007. He was responsible for the Headstart programme through The Hive @ Mansfield. I have seen him in action as the course leader as well as Outreach Manager. His knowledge is incredible and his achievements with the Mansfield cohorts over the past years have been spectacular. As well as being knowledgeable he is motivating and very supportive. I would strongly recommend working with Michael for his creativity, technical knowledge and enthusiasm.



   Nigel Hudson

Researcher and Enterprise Coach    December 22, 2011,

Anyone looking to start a business or develop it through new products and services cannot do better than look to Mike for help: experience, in-depth expertise, practical understanding and friendliness all in one. I participated in one of the Hive programmes and continue to benefit from Mike’s help.


Sam Saunders

Virtual Personal Assistant at IMPACT office & home solutions    December 22, 2011,

I have known Mike for the past 3 years, but have worked more closely with him over the past 8 months on different projects. Mike is always at the forefront of new technologies and is extremely proficient in his field of work. I have always found Mike to be reliable, knowledgeable, helpful and trustworthy and would have no hesitation in recommending his services to prospective clients.


   Russell Jones

Partner at Hopkins Solicitors LLP   December 22, 2011,

Mike takes a careful and detailed view of any project he is involved in, determined to deliver advice and assistance based on real data and information surrounding the problem.


   Robert Wilkinson

Head of Economic Development at Bassetlaw District Council   December 22, 2011,

I have worked with Mike for many years and have always been impressed by his dedication, professionalism and creativity. If I was asked to highlight only one of Mikes many talents, it would be his grasp of complex situations and translation into simple terms.


    tracy musgrove

Project Manager at WSi    December 22, 2011,

Amazing course for people looking to start out in business!!!!


   David Weatherall

Business Educator / Business Trainer    December 20, 2011,

Michael has set up and run this course at the Hive and helped so many people over the years (20 cohorts so far). I’m very pleased to see the depth and breadth of his training provision for aspiring entrepreneurs.
His course at the Hive is both comprehensive and well structured. No wonder he gets such good results. Mike’s experience is broad and his mind is sharp, but he is also humble enough to know when he should point you to someone else. I heartily recommend him.


   David Moore

Our games make you say WTF just happened more than most.   December 20, 2011,

I’ve found Mike to be a relentless source of great ideas & inspiration & I would highly recommend the Hive business programme to any budding entrepreneurs who want to turn their ideas into reality.
The mentoring programme alone is worth it’s weight in gold (thanks Carol!) and has opened up doors that I never knew even existed. Now that Business Link is no more initiatives such as the Hive are even more vital to ensuring that the next generation of business start-ups get the support that they so often need.


    Fardad Amirsaeedi

Enterprise and Investment at Ashfield and Mansfield District Council – Senior Regeneration Officer

June 30, 2011,  

Having worked with Mike for a numbers year I found him to have exceptional and in-depth knowledge on innovation and effective as a business adviser and knowledge transfer specialist. Over a decade on he continues to be a great business and personal contact and I regularly recommend clients to benefit from his experience and excellent stewardship of the Nottingham Trent University HIVE business start-up, incubation and training program based in Mansfield.




    David Spencer

Considering future career options in sustainable energy, community, charity sectors. at To be decided   May 19, 2011,

Mike is a great support to business people through the Hive, His expertise, approach and understanding of what successful businesses need is excellent. Please keep up the good work!


   Robert Griffiths

Director at Civic Pride UK Limited    April 7, 2010,

Michael is a great mentor who has help us from our first meeting, I would recommend him to all who ask.
His background knowledge and skills have been of great value to us, giving us good advice and helpful assistance whenever asked.