How can I help you?

How can I help you?

 You will see from my LinkedIn profile that I have a wide range of experience and expertise around Innovation and the development of new ideas whilst working in the mining, construction, manufacturing, engineering, consultancy, business advice and education sectors.

This includes:

  • Strategic Innovation Coaching & planning
  • Business strategy planning
  • Ideation – Problem Solving – “Brainstorming” and filtering new ideas
  • Project initiation & management
  • Assessing ideas
  • Developing project and business plans.
  • Strategic business planning
  • R&D planning & implementation
  • Grant applications
  • EU R&D and Horizon 2020 grant applications and projects
  • Business start-up mentoring
  • Business Growth Mentoring / coaching
  • Working with Universities
  • Innovation Coaching
  • Environment Management Systems

Let’s talk about how I can use my experience with helping over 2000 businesses look at and assess their new business ideas and select the ones less likely to fail. Notice, I can’t promise success but with the right approach the chance of failure is reduced and hence the possibility of achieving the required return on investment becomes more realistic.


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Strategic Innovation coach Ignter of Ideas - Turning ideas into invoices. From Creativiy to Productivity Helping you to be less likely to fail as you develop new busisness ideas

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